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about me.

Hi, my name is Danny aka. Beriion.

I´m a young producer and sound engineer from Hamburg, Germany.

I´ve been creating digital Music for around 10 years now. Starting off as a drummer and pianist, trying out genres from Blues and Jazz to Rock and Funk im Influencing my sound with all the impressions I gathered during my childhood.

I strive for creating sound that moves and touches the listener and enrichen their world with my audible influences.

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My Story

My Journey in Music started when I was quite young. I was always interested in many different Instruments an never could decide which way to go.

So I took them all! I started to play the piano and drums and later began learning the trumpet, played in a Bigband, sang in the School Choir and so on... 

At the age of 12 I had a friend introduce me into the world of digital Music.

For me it felt Magical... Kind of like knowing a secret none else knew. From that point on I was just creating all day.

Spent my Summerdays inside making beats and just having fun doing what I loved.

Then Corona made its way to Germany and all our lives changed dramatically. Which, in my case, wasn't too bad after all. I was UP. All the time I had I spent towards getting better at what I do.

And this is where it took me: Almost 10 years later and im still in the studio making hits alls day long.


Always looking for new Challenges!

+49 162 7112991

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